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David Giuntoli - BELLO Mag 44 Spring Issue


David Giuntoli, star of NBC’s supernatural crime drama ‘Grimm,' covers the Spring Fashion Issue of BELLO mag. Under the covers, Giuntoli chats with Bello's Hiko Mitsuzuka about brussel sprout recipes, his obsession with the rock band Fugazi, and the beard he’s grown since being on hiatus for several weeks.

“This is a hiatus beard,” he tells Mitsuzuka. “I joked that you’re not an actor until you grow a beard on your hiatus. Also, it’s my one act of rebellion. I don’t have to shave for two months? I’m not gonna shave for two months.”

When asked if it’s a part of his preferred personal style, Giuntoli responds, “I like to go faux intellectual." “Grow a beard, people think you’re smart. Done.”

CLICK HERE to read to full article. Then download your own copy of Bello mag, available at and

Photography: Aleksandar Tomovic | Styling: Warren Alfie Baker | Grooming: Leslie Alejandro

Bello-Mag-44-David-Giuntoli-6 Bello-Mag-44-David-Giuntoli-3

Bello-Mag-44-David-Giuntoli-2 Bello-Mag-44-David-Giuntoli-1


wow he looks good in that beard. sets of his beutifull eyes.

i like ethan say end bello mag.

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