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MAN-DATE 12-30-11 - Feat. Dylan Rosser's tMf 3


The Winter edition of tMf Magazine is out now and is the mag's biggest issue yet...jam packed with more content than ever before including over 150 pages of what else? Naked Men! Photographer Dylan Rosser and Editor Tye Briggs once again bring together some of the best photographers, models and artists sharing stories and, as always, pages and pages of incredible images.

tMf Magazine is an ONLINE ONLY magazine and is not available in print. ISSUE #3 is out now and priced at just $5.45. Start your new year right by enjoying the male form.

See: TWELVE MORE PREVIEW PHOTOS + additional info.


Mike-orozco-by-jonathan-croft Cyril-giustiniani-by-mariano-vivanco

Jose-y-mens-runway-update Kim-kraglund-by-sean-p-watters

tMf Magazine, Winter Issue (#3)

The hotness begins with an incredible cover of model Benjamin Godfre. Under the covers, you will find Rosser’s new full frontal shoot with Benjamin and an interview where the cover model discusses what turns him on!


Dylan-rosser-ben-godfre-tmf-magazine-5 Dylan-rosser-ben-godfre-tmf-magazine-3

Dylan-rosser-ben-godfre-tmf-magazine-4 Dylan-rosser-ben-godfre-tmf-magazine-2

Also in issue #3 you will find portfolios and feature interviews with photographers Paul Reitz and Ewoud Broeskma and model Brody Harris. Additional features include a look at the new book The Jim French Diaries about five decades of men from Colt Studios, photographer Marlen Boro talks about finding his niche in the market, Walter Kurtz discussing which man provides him with the most inspiration and Dylan Rosser sharing a selection of images from his newest book Naked. Ricardo Muniz, Mircius Aecrim, Joe McCormick and Turnon Sports complete the third issue!


Dylan-rosser-ewoud-broeksma-tmf-magazine Dylan-rosser-jim-french-tmf-magazine


Dylan-rosser-paul-reitz-tmf-magazine Dylan-rosser-mircius-aecrim-tmf-magazine


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