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Billy Dortch for Baskit

Billy-dortch_baskit_8 Billy-dortch_baskit_5

Following an up close and personal interview with modeling contest winner Tim Baird, comes the second finalist Billy Dortch, a free-spirited Sacramento native with the looks of a bad boy, but a heart of gold and a voice to match.

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Billy Dortch for Baskit [ CONTINUED ]

Baskit: How old are you Billy?
Billy: I turned 27 in July!

Baskit: What do you do for a living (aside from modeling)? What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Billy: Currently I am a singer/songwriter. (Check out Billy Dortch on iTunes or and for money I manage and bartend at a popular bar in West Hollywood. As a child I wanted to own a farm with my brother and sister…. now the bar at times feels like a barn with farm animals.

Billy-dortch_baskit_4 Billy-dortch_baskit_6 Billy-dortch_baskit_9

Baskit: You have some body art - can you give us a description of it and what it means to you?
Billy: I have ten tattoos. They all are special and have meaning to my life. I have my last name on my arm, a bird with a breast cancer ribbon for my mom (she is a survivor, love ya mom!) I also have the title to my first music single "breathe" on my neck. The music video for the song was actually nominated for video of the year on LOGO in 2009.

Baskit: What's the best way to spend a day off? Extra hours at the gym? On the beach? Hiking?
Billy I love to hike. I try to go on a different hike each weekend! I also enjoy camping and am currently restoring an old camper trailer and it's almost ready to take to the road!


Baskit: Were you familiar with Baskit before the model search and what drew you to it?
Billy: Yes, I actually did a shoot a few months before and by chance I was wearing Baskit underwear. I entered a picture from that shoot to the competition.

Baskit: Is there something thing you aren't doing that you wish you were? A sport/skill you were never good at or just haven’t gotten around to learning yet?
Billy: I actually want to learn trapeze and run away with the circus!

Baskit: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Billy: Not sure if it’s advice, but I have always had unconditional love form my family.

Billy-dortch_baskit_3 Billy-dortch_baskit_7

Baskit: On a random Saturday, what are you likely to be wearing?
Billy: Swim shorts in my blow up kiddy pool ala Homer Simpson.

Baskit: If you had a week on a beach and could only take three things with you what would they be (aside from clothes and money?)
Billy My boyfriend, an iPod with speakers, and a bottle of wine.

Baskit: Any other interest tid-bits or pieces of information you'd want to share with the readers? Something nobody knows about you?
Billy: I love the P90x workout and I've never had a gym membership! Plus, as I write this, I am currently on a ship in the middle of a sixty-six day exploration of the Mediterranean Sea!



Hmmm, low body fat count...proportioned physique...Weeny of a body! Nice briefs and nice watch, though...

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