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Margaret Cho Talks Politics & Eating Lance Bass

Margaret-cho_out_672011The comedian and actress reflects on her prolific career, growing up in 1970s San Fransisco, how Rue McClanahan once saved her life, and what she imagines Lance Bass tastes like.

Read the complete Margaret Cho interview at

What Margaret has to say:

On who she would eat if on an island with Lance Bass and Kathy Griffin:
I’m sure Lance would not survive. He’s so tender and delicious looking. I would eat most of him. Kathy is much smaller than me. I could put away a lot of Lance.

On her Dancing With the Stars rainbow flag dress:
That was weird. To me, it was very important to make a statement about the gay teen suicides. That show is so conservative, so it was hard to find a way to inject my own views and values. I decided to wear this rainbow pride flag. Yeah, we were probably voted off because we were talking about something a lot of people couldn’t handle. But I don’t care about a dance competition -- I care about helping a kid get through it.

Her position on celebs saying “my gays:”
I am gay. I agree with Penny Arcade because I would never say it like that. It’s not about “my gays,” because I’m gay. It’s like when you have straight celebrities at a gay political function, and they say, “Well, I’m not gay, but…” -- I’m always offended. Why do you have to separate yourself from the community? What is so threatening about being in the community? So, I think Penny Arcade meant someone else. She’s thinking of Lucy Liu.


I actually can't stand this chick and hate seeing her face in gay magazines. I put her in the same annoying category as Kathy Griffin... humor that's sometimes worth a snicker, but really not very funny, kinda gross and lo-rent. She's glommed onto gay men because she sees them as soft targets who love C-list celebs.

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