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Ken Hunt - Don’t Fall into the Memorial Day Trap!

Ken-hunt_5232011Memorial Day is right here. With that comes the beer, hot dogs, juices, and the burgers. Some people might have already started shoveling in the food on Friday and extended it into a weekend party and food fest. I can just see the BBQ’s blazing and the meat sizzling. Burgers and hot dogs, and ribs—Oh my! Potato salad, macaroni salad -- adventures in mayonnaise for sure. And chips, pretzels, cupcakes, ice cream—I could go on. And so could you. But don’t!

Don’t take a holiday from eating smart and working out. Try this: Limit yourself to one piece of meat or make it a couple pieces of grilled chicken. Use mustard and not ketchup. Eat a green salad and veggies with no dressing. Try low-fat yogurt if you need to “dress up” the greens.

Opt for water and a lot of it. Pass on beer, wine and juice—all empty calories. Skip the mixed, fruity drinks. Try a wine cooler if you need some libation. And while you might not make it to the gym, you can still do a quick body weight workout to keep your metabolism in high gear.

This should not take you more than 30 minutes to complete. Even if you don’t complete it, you should stop at 30 minutes, so that you can train yourself to keep these types of workouts to a short period of time while maximizing the intensity. Do each exercise one after the other with 30 seconds of rest in between each new movement. No weights are needed aside from your own body weight.

This is going to burn, but it will feel so good. If you can’t perform some of the exercises, feel free to modify them. The key is to keep moving. If at all you start feeling pain, please stop. Warm up with 30 to 60 jumping jacks before you begin. Or run in place for 60 seconds.


1. Do 30 Down-Squat Thrusts.
Start out by standing still. Then squat down and simultaneously kick back your legs and throw your hands in front of you achieving a push-up position. Perform a push-up. Then kick your legs back up, returning to the original squatted position, like a little froggy, and explode up into a jump with your hands into the air. Now do this in one fluid motion as fast as possible. Keep your pace going.

2. Do 40 Mountain Climbers.
Start off in a push-up position and alternate kicking your legs up to your chest. Do one rep per leg, so that’s 20 each.

3. Do 15 Push-Ups.
Try to keep strict form. You can choose wide stance, close stance, one-arm push-ups, whatever.

4. Do 10 40-yard Sprints.
The keyword here is “sprint.” Go fast! Balls out during each one. Rest 10 seconds between each sprint.

5. Then rest for a minute and do it all over one more time.
This will get you sweating, panting, and burning that fat all in 30 minutes. But you will look great and feel great. And you won’t take a holiday from being at healthy best.

Ken Hunt is an [American Fitness Institute] AFI-certified trainer and owner of Steel Gym in New York City. His articles have been featured in the New York Times, Horizon Barcelona, Diversity Rules, Men’s Fitness, Compete, La Cosmopolatina, Genre, HX and other publications around the world. He’s a frequent guest on Sirius OutQ Radio, and he travels around the country lecturing and giving seminars on health and fitness programs. He is currently finishing his new exercise book and is in development for a forthcoming cable television series.

Ranked one of the top five gyms in the United States by Muscle and Fitness Magazine and ranked “#1 Gym in New York” by the AFI, Steel Gym is located at 146 W. 23rd St. in Manhattan. You can call (212) 352-9876, e-mail or log onto for more information. Also, you can follow Ken on Facebook at SteelGymNYC and Twitter at @SteelGym, for Steel Gym’s latest offers and news.


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Who comes here for food is a freakin holiday.
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