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Calvin Brockington - Javi Paredes


Photographer Calvin Brockington brings a little spice to EthanSays with Javi Paredes. Guatemalan (with some Spanish in the mix for added flavor), Javi moved to the States at the age of 7. He's currently signed with New York Agency Legacy but lives in Dallas, TX.

Photography: Calvin Brockington | Model: Javi Paredes (Legacy) | TWO MORE PHOTOS

Javi-Paredes_Calvin-Brockington_4 Javi-Paredes_Calvin-Brockington_5 Javi-Paredes_Calvin-Brockington_6

Javi-Paredes_Calvin-Brockington_2 Javi-Paredes_Calvin-Brockington_3


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That's a good look pimp! I'm proud of you!

I think its absolutely amazing!!! GREATTT job, the both of you!!

oh btw the tats are super HOT!!! need more pics from javi!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Javi is super sexy in these pics!!! xoxox javi!!!

Great photography!! beautifuly done like the flowers relpicated on the wall. The pic with the hood he looks positively lethal!

stunning picture ! absolutely great job

YES Javi, show'em what a true artist can do! You a bad ass model man...

Love the pictures! The Tattoos are beautiful and they make you want to see more.....

Yes this is what i need in my life.... #team J

Really great pictures so hot

hot hot sexy

Love it!!! J you look sexy!!!

smokin hot, ill buy you starbucks AND jamba juice any day!

smokin hot, i'll buy you starbucks AND jamba juice any day.

What a dynamite team!! J is absolutely gorgeous, and Calvin Is amazing!


More please!!! Javi is super hot!

pictures!!!!! very nice.

GREAT photos J looks beautiful handsome sexy. Both of you work great together.

Awesome work! Very sexy , beautiful model !

Wow, That picture is Awesome! You do great work! Very sexy.

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