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Nick Youngquest Shows Us His /baskit/


/baskit/, a premium player in the men’s underwear and swimwear market, showcases its international brand power with the launch of their 2011 image campaign featuring international rugby player and sex symbol Nick Youngquest. Titled “It’s All About the Details”, the brand’s slogan for the season, Youngquest can be seen sporting the brand’s high quality and fashionable bestselling styles throughout the powerful, yet approachable imagery.

Images from the campaign show a glimpse of everyday life for the international rugby player and model. It captures Nick Youngquest in a luxurious Los Angeles hotel room as he prepares for his day. A consummate athlete, Youngquest can be seen in his morning workout, taking a shower after a swim, lounging on his bed with the morning paper, checking his business emails on his iPad, and dressing for his day of meetings in a sleek suit. Youngquest’s impressive physique is only matched by his sharp style and showcases the athlete in his most masculine shoot to date.

MANY MORE PHOTOS on the next page. More info at

Nick-Youngquest_baskit7 Nick-Youngquest_baskit9

Nick-Youngquest_baskit4 Nick-Youngquest_baskit5 Nick-Youngquest_baskit6


Nick-Youngquest_baskit2 Nick-Youngquest_baskit10


Nick-Youngquest_baskit11 Nick-Youngquest_baskit13


Nick-Youngquest_baskit15 Nick-Youngquest_baskit18




Nick-Youngquest_baskit20 Nick-Youngquest_baskit21


About Nick Youngquest:
Born the 28th of July in Sydney, Australia, Nick Youngquest is a professional rugby player. Nick currently resides in England and plays for the Castleford Tigers in the Engage Super League. Before pursuing his career in England, Nick played professionally in Australia for six seasons. During his time in Australia, Nick was involved in numerous charity events focused on raising money for breast cancer, including a 2009 international calendar in which he was the cover model. From this humble beginning, Nick has gone on to do a number of shoots worldwide including front cover spreads in many sports, fitness, lifestyle and fashion magazines.

About Baskit:
Located in Boulder, CO, with showrooms across the USA, /baskit/ is a premium apparel brand specializing in underwear, swimwear and activewear for the fashionable man. Masculine and bold, the company prides themselves on being innovative and individualized. For more information visit: For sales information contact:


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Does anybody know the name of the song played on the baskit video with nick youngquest? It sounds a lot like bloc party. But I'm not sure.

Dear All, (and Nick Y if you ever come across this!)

I will stick my head out to make a bold statement which is: Nick Y is possibly one of the hottest and most good looking guys on earth.

Apart from his out-of-this-world body and handsome yet masculine face; Nick possesses something of a true rarity these days: integrity of character.

His open and laidback attitude make him a billion times more appealing than just his interesting looks alone. Cliche as it sounds, Nick is not only a triple threat, looks, charm AND good personality but a cool and genuine guy.

His amazingly warm yet sexy smile and twinkle in his eye; make him even more irresistible. Those attributes combined with a seemingly unawareness of how Godly he is, makes him the ultimate of ultimate male fantasies...This fantasy just happens to be magnified even further considering HE is actually real! Nick really is a true testament to what a real man should aspire to be. I would like to highlight that when I say 'aspire' I am especially referring to his attitude and character more than anything else such as his status or how physically gifted he is.

There are many amazingly looking guys with phenomenal bodies but the true package is one in a million...

This photo shoot shows a more mature Nick taking his first steps into what seems a coming of age male maturity into his manhood. His decision to go into modeling shows a willingness and openness to try new things instead of the standard Alpha male rugby attitude that may perhaps condemn such a decision/profession.

His support of the gay community and photo shoot with Gareth Thomas are a true testament to a guy willing to stand up for what he believes in when it would and could have been so easy for him to have abstained from it all.

Nick Y, you are an inspiration and a true role model for so many. Your charisma and looks only make you even more appealing and successful in being the vessel that able to convey positive examples and messages.

Keep it real and so looking forward to more future photo shoots, clothed or not-you continue to intrigue me both mind, body and soul...

A True Fan and Genuine Admirer

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