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Calvin Brockington: Brendon Bell


I'm happy to officially introduce photographer Calvin Brockington to the EthanSays photog-roster. I previously featured some of Calvin's photos submitted by DW Chase back in January. First official submission...21-year-old Brendon Bell (Clutts Agency). There are TWO MORE PHOTOS of Brendon on the next page, along with more info about Calvin - who I expect we'll be seeing more from in the very near future. Excited about that!

Photography: Calvin Brockington | Model: Brendon Bell

Calvin-brockington_brendon-bell_2 Calvin-brockington_brendon-bell_4

Calvin-brockington_brendon-bell_5 Calvin-brockington_brendon-bell_3

Calvin Brockington:
Self taught, overly passionate photographer. My career as a photographer, has been a simple one. Thats not to say that it hasn’t been hard work. Trust me it has!! But It’s been work that I have been happy to do, and that I feel I will always have to do to keep interesting. A few things about the person behind the images. first thing is,I am a dreamer. I don’t think I could create fantasy without being a dreamer. Thats what photography is to me…Fantasy. Next thing I suppose, you should know is that, I have a BA in the science of Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. A huge part of me, has always thought of that as a waist of time, But now that I have chosen photography as my outlet. That degree really comes in effect. I, am not a big reader, I mostly love Science Fiction movies. I assume thats because I am so visual? Well I , hope I haven’t bored you too much? I just thought I’d give you an idea of who I am…But keep in mind, I, like the rest of you , will continue to grow, to learn, explore and dream.

More at: Calvin Brockington Fotography


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@SHP - uhhhh. okay.

Not using spell check and grammar check does not translate into a style. Being visual and not reading is one thing, requiring the expertise of an editor is another. Lovely long johns shots!

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