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Travel to Israel with Michael Lucas

Travel to Israel with Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas is proud to announce he will be taking another breathtaking tour of Israel in May 2011! After last year’s hugely successful trip, don’t miss your chance to join Michael on this exciting, fun, and action-packed journey. We have paired up with one of Israel's premier travel agencies, Ofakim Travel & Tours, in order to provide the best gay tour experience possible. Everybody is talking about it, and YOU can be a part of it!

There are two options to fit your travel desires, a 9-day and a 12-day extended option departing on May 11, 2011. Trip Packages and prices start as Low as $2,755!

CLICK HERE for more info and to WATCH A VIDEO of last year’s tour.


“There was such a great demand after last year’s successful tour that I am incredibly excited to spend time with a new group of travelers,” said Michael Lucas. “The feedback from each participant was overwhelming.”

“Some of the most asked questions I get about the tour are: is it a sex tour and what is the age range of travelers. It is not a sex tour at all, it’s an amazing way to visit the country and see all of the insider spots and secrets most people miss out on, and yes, you have your own free time at leisure to explore the stunning men here. The age range from last year’s tour was very diversified from 25-65 years old. Everyone is welcomed and, of course, we are looking forward to both younger and older participants. ”

“I assure you this will be the trip of a lifetime, and I will be honored to experience it right alongside you. However, we only have room for a small group of no more than 20 travelers. Otherwise, the trip would become too much of a ‘pilgrimage’, and that would be far too hectic! It is always best to travel in an intimate group. This is why you must book your reservation in advance!”

For a complete price list & itinerary please visit: LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT.

Michael-lucas_8 Michael-lucas_3

“I was told before I went to Israel that it is more than just a gay tourist destination, it’s a place that will change you,” said Moiz Everett, a traveler on last year’s Tour of Israel. “And the nation came through. It was a beautiful and powerful experience. The people, food, sights, culture and history will all leave you astounded.”

“I had a remarkable time,” said last year’s traveler Jacob Stallman. “There was a great group bond and we had amazing evenings chatting by the sea and having dinners. This was a unique experience and the people in Israel are so friendly and easy to meet and talk to and it was so great that everyone spoke English.”

Michael-lucas_2 Michael-lucas_7

Michael-lucas_6 Michael-lucas_9 Michael-lucas_10


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A great guy to be a tourism ambassador. He is very popular in twitter.

What a tragic mess, you couldnt pay me enough money to travel with this tool

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