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Richard Gerst: Rodiney Santiago (A Portait)


If you watch Logo's "A-List" (the network's highest rated show to date), then you're sure to remember A-lister Rodiney Santiago's emotional break down after making a shocking discovery on [boyfriend] Reichen's phone this last season. It was during that unscripted moment that photographer Richard Gerst got hooked on this sexy Brazilian model. "it was the honesty that pulled me in," says Gerst.

Taken as he was, Gerst convinced Mr. Santiago to stop by for a quick dinner/meet-n-greet just last week and, as luck would have it, happened to have his camera at the ready (imagine that). What transpired was a spontaneous mini-shoot toward the end of the evening. This is my presentation of the pair's first meeting. [ The two have something special planned for later this year...something that combines the "Gerst" feeling with Rodiney's courage. Says Gerst, " a good Scout, it would be wise to "Be prepared." ] MORE PHOTOS next page.

Photography: Richard Gerst | Model: Rodiney Santiago | Treatment: EthanSays

Rodiney Santiago by Richard Gerst_2

Rodiney Santiago by Richard Gerst_5

Rodiney Santiago by Richard Gerst_3

Rodiney Santiago by Richard Gerst_4

Rodiney Santiago by Richard Gerst_6


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I just saw one episode of A-List New York ... didn't know that most gays are really that shallow . It's all 'bout physical appearances , but the deeper layers seem to be uncultivated .

But to be honest : the crying of Rodiney seemed to be the only sincere thing on the whole show ... it was touching. And next to a gorgeous body, he seems to have a great (deeper) personality.

By the way : glad i don't have my head in those spotlights.
Armando Branco

Jan Vos, Historically, gay men in the 70's were very natural and hairy chests were loved. Then AIDS hit, and the fashion was to shave everything to give an impression of cleanliness and youth. Shaving was a reaction to AIDS. I prefer hairy men, but ironically shave my chest since men prefer blondes to be clean shaven. But AIDS seems to have started the shaving trend to separate younger gays from older gays who were the generation killed by AIDS.

Rodiney Santiago!! GREAT. So natural with a hairy body. Natural that becomes the fashion here in Western Europe.
Natural will be the future, I'm sure. So ban the shavers.

Rodiney has been a facination of mine for over a year now. I've had the chance to speak with him and of course I have his calendar. Not only is he a gorgeous man, he is a nice, sweet and caring man. Not often that you find it all in one package. Rodiney is just a beautiful guy all the way around. Love ya Rodiney.

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