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30 Seconds to Mars: "Hurricane" (Official Explicit Vid)

30 Seconds to Mars Hurricane Explicit_1 30 Seconds to Mars Hurricane Explicit_2 30 Seconds to Mars Hurricane Explicit_3

Here is it...30 Seconds to Mars' official EXPLICIT video for "Hurricane." Banned from television, the video contains more than 40 scenes or images that are restricted to the after 10 p.m. time slot...and others that are more suitable for showing after 9 p.m. or 7 p.m. On his blog,, Jared posted a letter from an unnamed television executive stating why the video couldn't be shown...including "one shot that will have to be removed completely for a POST 10 p.m. restriction. 09:17 — WOMAN RUNS FINGER OVER OTHER WOMAN'S G-STRING-CLAD BOTTOM AND TOUCHES HER ANUS — This shot makes the video completely restricted." SEE THE WHOLE LIST.


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USA is so far behind, especially in sexuality, will take decades to catch up to EU etc. I had NO clue when I just first heard a bit of this song and it was when they won some award.I went and bought the CD, I think it is genius.It's different,keeps your interest & I find myself playing it at least once a day..Beautiful work.THE only problem I had with this beautiful video, is when Jared gets into that coffin & the others are covered by the US flag.THAT bothered me a BIT cause it is ONLY for the soldiers coming home from war and that's the part I would have left out..unless I do not get the meaning, which happens to me sometimes..but beautifully done and the shots of NYC are breathtaking
THANKS DO MUCH....NOW..someone NEEDS to explain WHAT this all means..OVER MY HEAD!

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