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Peppermint: "Let You Have It" Dir. by Karl Giant


ETHANSAYS EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE: Peppermint is gonna "Let You Have It" in her explosive & ground breaking new video directed by EthanSays fave Karl Giant. Not a parody, not a joke - and not at all campy, this is elevated drag in all it's fabulous glory. In a futuristic world, relationships are the still the same. Jealousy, role playing and telling a lover your darkest fantasies is what 'Let U Have It' is all about.

WATCH the video above...then check MORE STILLS after the jump.

Peppermint_lyhi_1 Peppermint_lyhi_2 Peppermint_lyhi_3

Peppermint_lyhi_7 Peppermint_lyhi_8

Peppermint_lyhi_4 Peppermint_lyhi_5 Peppermint_lyhi_6

Peppermint_lyhi_9 Peppermint_lyhi_0


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The uber-talented Karl Giant hits another awesome video out of the ball park...and the masked model is kick-ass hot! Too bad Peppermint's glam looks don't match her vocal talents. Oh well...

love the edge an angst. peppermint is like no other.

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