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Storm Newton: Kardashian's Eye Candy


Perhaps you've seen Kim Kardashian's 'mysterious man' in previews for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Aside from being close to Kim, you also spot the hot eye candy training Kris Jenner. Well, here he is...check him out! His name is Storm Newton. Can't wait for this episode!

Aside from shaping celebrity bodies, Storm also has a new single called "On My Own" (Stereo Martini feat. Storm Newton) releasing this fall. It's gaining momentum in clubs throughout the U.S. LISTEN to the original radio edit after the jump. Great on it's own with remixes to come.

Definitely looking forward to more from Storm Newton!

Storm-newton_2 Storm-newton_3 Storm-newton_4

Storm Newton has been named many things -- Trainer to the Stars, Soulful Singer, Talented Performer... and clearly (as pictures reveal) Hot Eye Candy. But regardless of which title you choose for him, he is a personality who won't be missed, especially in the upcoming months.

Storm Newton was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, and was raised in a small town called Bellevue. It was here that he fostered a love and passion for athletics and training. His persistence in sports served him well in an unexpectedly different area. When he was 17, a modeling agent scouted him out. This chance meeting led him to make a life changing decision. Storm decided to veer away from playing sports in college in order to move to New York to model. It was here that he modeled in major campaigns for such brands as Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren. While paying the bills as a model in New York, Storm was hit by yet another bug. He always loved to sing, but living in New York somehow brought the soul out of him; people compared him to Donny Hathaway when he sang. With newfound confidence in his voice, Storm decided it was time to leave New York and head to Los Angeles in the pursuit of a record deal.

In Los Angeles, Storm found himself doing a lot of songwriting. He was writing and recording songs with Matthew Wilder, the Writer/Producer team of Rock Mafia, and Ryan Desick. Expanding his music career, he even took on several roles in musicals. Storm has been seen as “Zack” the hunky heartthrob in Princesses, as well as “Billy Kostecki” in the Toronto Production of Dirty Dancing the Classic Story on Stage. All the while in LA, Storm also rediscovered his passion for athletics & training. He had whipped himself into shape for the musical productions, and people started to notice. It was through this avenue that he began his practice of elite personal training.

Storm Newton has many facets - modeling, singing, songwriting, and training. As a singer, Storm currently has a single called “On My Own” coming out in the fall, gaining traction in clubs all over the US. As a trainer, Storm shapes the bodies of many a celebrity. Training Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, he can be seen on this season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.


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He does have a personal website...!

Love your song and would like to no if you travel to New York cause if u do would like to no what your price to train for one or two hours?

Does this guy has his own personal website?

Great voice and nice body too! Especially nice because he is from my city Battle Creek and I know his Mom! I have been following him and can't wait to see him on another television show!

Storm - do you travel to other cities? Love the photos - amazing body. Honestly, was totally surprised at the voice. Beautiful.

Storm is a incredible trainer..he knows how to get the job done. Not only does he rock in that department but he is such a talented singer..WOW!! I feel blessed to have him train me..he is AMAZING!

wow...this guy is so hot. can't wait to see him on the kardashians. and his voice was unexpected.

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