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Nick Ayler Extras by Richard Gerst


Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of Nick Ayler taken a few weeks back on the west side of NYC for his current DNA cover for "Sexiest Men Alive 2010." Outtakes never looked so good, right? Photographer Richard Gerst says of these early morning shots, "...the workers getting ready to board their trucks had an eyeful, and literally stopped dead in their tracks for the 45 min we shot in that location." After nailing the shots they were looking for, Gerst grabbed a few more candid shots of Ayler as he got dressed, then took a couple more back home.

Photography: Richard Gerst | Model: Nick Ayler | [ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE ]

Gerst-ayler_914_6 Gerst-ayler_914_7


Gerst on Ayler: "Nick is one of the few models I can honestly say begins smiling and awake at 6 AM, when we have work to do and need to catch that morning light. He is a joy to shoot. In addition, he's quite an actor. Just gets it. He literally morphs into character as I describe to him what I am looking for, before my eyes, sometimes even before I finish the description, he just becomes the person...what a talent...very few like him."

Click each of the pics below for a better view.

Gerst-ayler_914_2 Gerst-ayler_914_3 Gerst-ayler_914_5


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First of all nick Ayler is one of the most friendliest polite guys you can ever imagine. Along with that he is gorgeous,talented and single why he isn't the next abercrombie model god only knows. What are people waiting for wake up. How many gorgeous guys have it all.

Amazing shots - amazing model - the shot through the bricks or whatever they are shows just enough of his sexy parts to peak the curiosity - and the arch leave not much to the imagination. Would like to spend some time with that imagination, or the curiosity.

Absolutely awesome, especially the "arch" shot.

Nick is amazing.

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