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Nick Ayler Covers DNA #128 "Sexiest Men Alive, 2010"


Nick Ayler covers DNA's "2010’s Sexiest Men Alive" issue (#128), proving 'just a taste' of what's under the covers. Inside, you'll find sexy morsels from cinema, sport, and high fashion...along with a list of the hottest "Mate of the Month" winners, one guy for each month from the past year. See it all in the latest issue.

Photos: Richard Gerst | MORE OF NICK after the jump. Click the pics for a closer look!

Ayler-gerst-dna_2 Ayler-gerst-dna_3 Ayler-gerst-dna_4

Ayler-gerst-dna_5 Ayler-gerst-dna_6

Ayler-gerst-dna_7 Ayler-gerst-dna_8

Ayler-gerst-dna_9 Ayler-gerst-dna_10 Ayler-gerst-dna_11

Ayler-gerst-dna_12 Ayler-gerst-dna_13


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Very hot, but we all know that - love the way his crotch lays in those briefs or maybe it would not be as sexy as leaving some to the imagination - great series, Ethan, you come up with really hot stuff, Phi Fusco is magnificent too.

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