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Naked Power Yoga with Ryan Clifford

Npy1 Npy2

Yoga instructor Ryan Clifford believes in 'keeping yoga enjoyable, light, fun and sexy whilst recognizing its power to transform your life.'' As such, he's planning an autumn 2010 release of a new Naked Power Yoga DVD to show you the way to transformation. He's practiced yoga for 12 years and Astanga yoga for 8, but his current yoga practice is naked Vinyasa Flow - to music. He completed his yoga teacher training with Erich Schiffman in Los Angeles, his Astanga instruction with the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, India and Hamish Hendry in London, and has also studied in the Iyengar tradition which informs his yoga practice and teaching.

The Naked Power Yoga DVD was shot by fashion stylist and photographer Peter T. Breen in the style of an art house film and features yoga practice and yoga partner work. Produced independently by a very small team of just Ryan and Peter, this is their first film produced together. Ryan and Peter are now working with Scarlett Etienne to produce a sound track for the DVD.


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I think your sexy and hot an I would love to do yoga with you!

is this just in the UK? any classes in the US?

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