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Jack Mackenroth by Andrew Werner

Mackenroth_werner_1 Mackenroth_werner_2

I linked to these photos of reality TV star and HIV/AIDS advocate Jack Mackenroth a couple of days ago, but thought I'd post them here in case you missed'em. :) Be sure to check out the next page for MORE INFO/ TWO MORE PHOTOS.

Jack is currently producing a web series called The Queens of Drag: NYC which will launch on in September. He is also working on 2 other TV projects and writing his memoir which will be out this Christmas. You can find more information about him at and follow him on Twitter.

Mackenroth_werner_3 Mackenroth_werner_4

For Jack Mackenroth, working with photographer Andrew Werner is a perfect symbiotic relationship. A decisive and quick thinker, Werner works to produce quality, stylized and relevant photographs. He knows what he wants and has an amazing eye for what 'works' and what doesn't.

Mackenroth_werner_5 Mackenroth_werner_6

"Andrew is one of the nicest, easiest photographers to work with," says Mackenroth. "Since I just turned 41, honestly, I don't know how many more photo shoots I have left in me so it's always great to work with someone you know and get along with. He understands about the importance of lighting someone who isn't 21 anymore. It also helps that he has nice things to say about me, too."

"Everyone knows that Jack Mackenroth has great style," expressed Werner. "So naturally when I arrived at our shoot, I was eager to see what the stylist had selected for the shoot. After Jack tried on several outfits, he then, in perfectly witty ‘Jack style’ asked me, Clothes on or off? I instantly knew this would be a fun few hours. Our plan was to capture drama, depth and beauty. Jack's open, vibrant personality led him to comfortably run around half-naked; which gave me a great opportunity to share the different sides of one man with the rest of the world."

"My vision was to capture Jack's unique essence and energy through my lens; a man who has no only been HIV-positive for over 20 years, but a man who is a sex symbol, and more importantly a role model for the entire gay community."

It goes without saying, then, that Mackenroth and Werner make a great team and produce some of the best work together. Mackenroth added," As a designer myself it's a leap of faith for me to hand over creative control to someone else. With Andrew it was cool because he allowed me to help edit the photos and be a part of the entire creative process."

Photography: Andrew Werner


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WOW, you do not look 41! So nice. Love to have some of your pic on my man candy marquee.


dang nice!

Wow! He is so hot! Wish I had a body like that. His got the pecks of a Greek God!

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