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Evan Vale In (and out) of DMK

Evan-vale_dmk_1 Evan-vale_dmk_2

Hot blonde hunk Evan Vale reveals himself to be worthy of closer inspection in this new shoot by photographer Peter D. Brown.

Evan is a white collar corporate suit by day- and a hot muscled surfer bad boy in his off hours. Here Evan shows off the hot new summer colors in DMK-Designs revolutionary new "Down Under" line - engineered to thrust your package up and out- elongating and defining in classic sexy style options. Evan plays with a classic sculpted brief, a low rise boxer brief and sexy butt baring jock-(the last two styles are only pre-orders at this date).

MANY MORE PHOTOS on the next page, as well as at DMK Designs.

Evan-vale_dmk_3 Evan-vale_dmk_4 Evan-vale_dmk_5

Evan-vale_dmk_6 Evan-vale_dmk_7 Evan-vale_dmk_8

Evan-vale_dmk_9 Evan-vale_dmk_910

Evan-vale_dmk_911 Evan-vale_dmk_912 Evan-vale_dmk_913

Evan-vale_dmk_914 Evan-vale_dmk_915


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Simply, beautiful. DMK picks great models for their wear.

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