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OUT Magazine's 4th Annual Power 50 (2010)

OUT-Power-50_2010OUT Magazine unveiled their 4th Annual Power 50 list - a veritable who’s who of prominent gay men and women representing all walks of life. From entertainers to politicians, writers, and cultural icons, the Power 50 honors the influencers affecting the cultural and social landscape for the LGBT community. Taking into account political clout, personal wealth, and an individual’s media profile, the list recognizes men and women living the good fight.

Ellen DeGeneres tops this year’s list, with America getting a double dose of the multi-Emmy winner via her hugely popular talk show and her new gig as American Idol judge. DeGeneres traded spots with Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank, whose outspoken demeanor has made him a rare political figure: a progressive with a visible spine.

Notable figures in this year’s Power 50 include:

Adam Lambert — His Rolling Stone cover was the magazine’s best seller of 2009, but he really caught fire after his American Music Awards performance forced ABC to break out its rule book.

Rachel Maddow — Although her ratings have declined since the end of the presidential campaign, Maddow remains the most compelling voice of liberal dissent on television. And when asked by The Washington Post if she was biased when it came to reporting on issues such as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” she replied, “I can’t do the show as a non-gay person. I don’t have that option.”

OUT-Power-50_LambertNeil Patrick Harris — Today’s go-to awards show host of choice has earned two Golden Globe and three Emmy nominations for his work on How I Met Your Mother. Now the actor has three movies and a guest-starring spot on Glee scheduled for 2010.

Perez Hilton — Whether posing with Lady Gaga or helping launch new bands, Perez Hilton, with his robust website, has remained the “Queen of All Media.” After an ongoing battle with Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, Hilton has used his power to become one of the community’s most visible activists.

Wanda Sykes — In addition to landing her own late-night talk show, Sykes became both the first African-American woman and first openly LGBT person to host the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Additionally, in April 2009 she and her wife, Alex, welcomed twins to their family.

View the entire Power 50 list at


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@Jake - you go that right, Matt is smokin hot

Simon Halls should be #1 for having the hottest husband on the planet...

Unreal - Perez Hilton - that troll does not represent me, nor does Adam Lambert for that matter...

I really really dislike the notion that Perez Hilton is representing the gay community. I wish that publicity whore would just go away.

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