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Levi Kreis is Right Where He Belongs, at #1

Levi-kreis_where-i-belongOpenly gay recording artist and songwriter Levi Kreis took over the #1 spot on MTV Music Online this past Tuesday for his new video single "Nothing At All," from his new album Where I Belong, causing Taylor Swift to move down to #2. Congrats Levi! This is a major feat not only for Levi, but for the independent music movement as a whole. Directed by Davidson Cole, "Nothing At All" is one emotional shot of Kreis singing with "memory" clips appearing throughout from a once happy relationship. This accomplishment is a direct result of Kreis' fans showing up and showing their own support for an artist they truly believe in.

"I have to express my sincerest of appreciation for every one person who took a level of ownership in this promotion," said Levi. 'It is nothing but the support of YOU GUYS I have to thank. No suits, no labels, no excessive budget, just the voice of people like you taking 3 minutes of your time to help spread the word. You have no way of knowing the difference your support makes for an independent artist. Thank you!"

Levi is also currently in previews on Broadway, playing Jerry Lee Lewis in the Million Dollar Quartet...a new musical that captures the music and spirit of a legendary jam session featuring Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley. MDQ opens at the Nederlander Theatre (208 West 41st Street) on Sunday, April 11th. For tickets, check out


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If i read this :
'It includes a very personal song in which Levi acknowledges his attraction to and involvement with a specific woman. In explaining the song, Levi stated, "Sometimes when the right chemistry happens, it doesn't matter that it's a woman or a man."[3] He credits paganism and Wicca with helping enhance his sexual experiences with women. "When I began to see the feminine has such a brilliant, beautiful spiritual significance, it appealed to me on a deeper level than I ever experienced."[4]'
he seems to hang onto a kind of bisexuality ... well : Ricky Martin is 100% our teamplayer now !

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