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Jack Mackenroth Celebrates World Outgames Medals

Jack Mackenroth Celebrates World Outgames Medals Jack Mackenroth Celebrates World Outgames Medals

Jack Mackenroth is not only a popular fashion designer and hot reality TV star, he's also a successful World Outgames 2009 swimming competitor, having taken home a staggering eight medals from this year's games held in in Copenhagen.

Jack took home two gold medals; one in the 50-meter freestyle with close to a personal best time of 26.63, and the second in a 4 x 50 freestyle relay. He also won silvers in the 50-meter breaststroke, the 100-meter freestyle, and the 4 x 50 and 4 x 100 medley relays. Additionally, he won two bronze medals in the 100-meter breaststroke and the 200-meter individual medley.

“I was really not expecting to win medals in all eight of my events,” said Mackenroth. “Needless to say, I’m ecstatic. However, it’s not just about winning medals. One of the most fun events was the Random Rainbow Relay where the meet organizers randomly picked swimmers from all different teams and we swam in a friendly relay with colored rainbow swim caps. It was a great way to meet swimmers from different countries.”

Jack Mackenroth Celebrates World Outgames Medals

With over 900 swimmers competing, swimming is definitely the most popular sport. Several European National records were set during the course of the meet. The event was held in a 50-meter Olympic size pool, which is daunting to many Americans who are usually used to 25-yard pools. “I was most concerned about my first race, the 200-meter individual medley, because it was my longest distance and I have been out of the pool for two years since Project Runway. I’ve been lifting weights but it’s no substitute for endurance training. I only started training seriously in the pool about six weeks ago. So when I won a bronze medal I was shocked.”

To learn more about Jack Mackenroth or the World Outgames 2009, please visit and


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Congrats to Jack on this fantastic feat! No need to comment on the haters, Jack -- it's not worth it -- they're just sad/jealous/pathetic. Good on you. Thanks again for coming to my performance in Miami before New Year's, too!

Congrats Jack! Love you from Seattle!

Hey Niles. Thanks for the "screamer" comment. Just because I embrace all aspects of my gayness without prejudice doesn't make me any less of a man. There are just some sad people like you that have to crap on everyone else's success. Hopefully I will never get the opportunity to "scream" at you directly. XX Jack Mackenroth

He looks good until he opens his mouth - what a shame he's such a screamer.

Jack is much more than 'just' a gay swimmer. Check out his web site to find out more.


"why is this noteworthy?" Come on, he Won 8 Medals. I grew up in an era of no openly Gay athletes. Give the man his due. If it didn't interest you, don't click on the link.

Jay? Jay McCarroll?? Be nice, sweetie, ok?

Um....he medaled in all 8 events....he is talented...he is gay...and he is gorgeous! If that isn't enough for you, then go read a book.


why is this noteworthy? he's an openly gay swimmer competing in the gay olympics. point please?

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