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WIN SOME GINCH!  It's almost Valentines Day and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to give three lucky readers a Heart-On.  Yup!  Ethan Says (that's me!) and Ginch Gonch are gonna cover your hiney in sump'n shiney and give your giggle-stick the cover it deserves with a sparkly new pair of undies from from GG's new Heart On Collection.

Simply leave a comment telling me why your inches deserve the Ginches and you could strut away with a Prince Albert, Sparkling Ticker, or maybe a Lip Reader! Sure, there's some fine print. But not much. Click here to read it. Then...COMMENT! :)  Good luck!


Three lucky winners will be chosen at random on Saturday, February 7th, from all comments made. Comments must include a valid email address. Winners will be contacted via email (same email as left in comment) and notified on Sunday, February 8th. Winners must reply to notification email within 48 hours with full name, mailing address...and underwear size (S-XXL). Ethan chooses the design! ;) That's it. Good luck!


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Zdraste! Vot takoi vot u vas horoshiy sait. Spasibki.

I think I deserve a pair because I have had a shit year last year my sister died i lost my job and im single, so having something for me would make my year.

G for gorgeous
O for obssesive
N for New man
C for curiosity
H for all hot Man

i just need a new pair of undies.

i deserve ginch because it is made for me, design for me,and person like me can wear it.

I deserve these ginch gonches becasue i have no underwear except boxers. day to day i run around with my "inches" pressed against me in awkward ways. i am a single man! i need this underwear to show off what i got and get a date for once! boxers do me no justice! I have not lost over a hundred pounds, i do not have a sadly small penis, but i haven't had a date in two years. With the gonches ill be sure to flaunt my package in ways you diddnt think possible. ;)

I am 25 years old. I am a fashion design graudate. I graduated school this past June at 262lbs, un-happy and un-motivated. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and needed a change. One week after graduation I met with a personal trainer and lost 140lbs, during our weekly workouts we have really gotten to know one another and have now been going out for three months. He has literally changed my life so for Valentines day I planned a big weekend for him and this would be a nice surprise. Me serving him breakfast in bed in the undies, feeling good and loving life. I love the brand as I am a fashion junkie. I would love to look like a underwear model just for him. Thanks~

I love these Ginches cause they raise my inches.
I love those Gonches cause they tease my haunches.

I need them cause they make me witty.

G - Gallant
I - Impassioned
N - Natural
C - Creative
H - Hot

Quixotic and wild.

Ginch Gonch.

ginches are the essential wardrobe element of every gay man's closet, after the condom.

I want them so badly it looks good on a guy approching his 50 soon !! and it proves man could be sexy at any age!!
Especialy with a french touch From a Montreal Guy !!
looking forward to feel a gonch boy !!

I deserve them because I want to give them to my boyfriend.He looks so sexy in them,each time he gets a new pair and models them for me,I always get so excited that we end up having sex right there on the floor.So a free pair would be great for my sex life

I deserve to have my inches covered by the Ginches because i am single but at least i'll know how hot i look in them <3 so can you put a heart on my inches?

I'd like something quite comfy and Ginch does it for me

I have the smallest cock in Ireland.

at 3inch erect, I need help.

to be honest, my self esteem is low.

and in a relationship, i had to be the bottom, and not because i wantto.

and finding an underwear that can help attenuate what little quality i have is challenging.

having an intensely bubble butt doesnt help either.

Having my 1st Ginch Gonch will be the best thing that has ever happened to my crotch.

The excellent quality material and highly fashionable design is not only comfortable, itll surely boost my confidence and self belief, making me more assured, whenever wherever i decided to let my jeans slide off... be it in the lockerroom or in the bedroom.

Sexy=Ginch Gonch,
Ginch Gonch=happiness.. :-D

I cornrow my pubes, it looks like Bo Derek trying to escape from my ginches 0.o

My inches need the Ginches because I only cover them with the BEST!! I love to dress my inches with the hottest new undies and I'd love to get my heart-on in these new Gonches.

I´d rather prefer the guy inside them... could you send me?

I love your hot blog and added it to my blog roll, which shows blog title and latest update including picture.

I was wondering if you would like to add my blog to your blog?
The adress is

If you don't use blog rolls, but would like a direct link, please check my link pictures at

Thanks - I look forward to hear from you.
Kind regards,
Jens Dø.

During my days as a gay-for-pay straight man, I had to maintain my heterosexual reputation by wearing this number: . Indeed it showed off my package pretty well, must've be the stripes. But the ladies were lovin it !

Now as a proud out gay man, I can only wish that Oz truly existed so that I too could have a brain, a heart, and courage to go with those ruby stilettos in my bedroom closet.

But alas, that somewhere over the rainbow doesn't exist, but those ginches can definitely exist on my inches. Once I have them on, I promise to be as virginal and pure as the driven snow. They are the only underwear I covet, desire, and dream about...alongside Jake Gyllenhaal's.

We'll living in a small town you don't actually have the best clothing store's and the nearest or well biggest city would have to be prince george or edmonton at best....And the stuff I do wear and buy is fourteen hours away...I've always been tall I'm 6'8 and a half...with size 16 feet....and ginch gonch has always fitted my body in all the right ways.... Cause going 14 hours to a store for your underwear need's is way expensive especially on gas....and leaving this comment to me whether I win or so way out of character for me, I'm a really big book worm haha... anyways best of luck to everybody else.....

Actually found someone that I can want to be with for the first time in years after horrific wanderings - have been made redundant due to credit crunch bollocks and had to give up a degree course. Really pissed off and could o with a lift both physical and spiritual lol

I have a small package and Ginch Gonch is the only brand of underwear that has ever made me feel like a real man while showing off my beautiful ghetto booty.

I went on a first date tonight, things started to get a bit frisky, except, then I realised what I was wearing down under, and put a holt to it before the pants were unbuckled.

Please, for the sake of my future relationship (and also because it's my first one ever!, I know, how sad!), please let me have some lovely undies!

if not me, that's ok, although I will cry little tears on my pillow.

I've always been a fat bastard, but for New Year I resolved to change that. I've been dieting and going to thy gym, and the pounds are falling off now. I'm doing it not just to get healthy, but so that I can finally wear some clothes I look good in and that includes underwear. I've had my eye on Ginches for ages, but they're not cheap, and I couldn't see the point in having nice pants while I was so overweight. Now that I'm starting to look and feel better I want to start giving myself little rewards, and those Ginches would make me so happy, and maybe even give me a bit more confidence when someone else gets to see them . :) xxx

after spending years as a total top I have seen the light and have discovered the joys of being a hot bottom, what better way than to stimulate any man than by wearing a pair of Ginches

I've got the cutest bubble butt you've ever seen and right now my underwear isn't doing it justice!

After loosing 125 lbs over these last couple of years my new inches are begging for some new Ginches. I'm finally where I want to be and I definately need to get my Heart On!

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