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THE AUTHENTIC PENIS SIZE CHART (ACTUAL, NOT PREFERRED) as a follow up to The Authentic Penis Size Preference Chart, I bring you The Authentic Penis Size Chart - actual, not preferred.  Looks like there's a HUGE "gap between biological distributions and subjective preferences."  What size do you think makes up the norm?  To see if you're more normal than you thought (or abnormal), CLICK HERE!



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Chace Crawford hat das schönste und süßeste Bäuchlein aller Zeiten. Ein schöneres und süßeres Bäuchlein ist einfach nicht vorstellbar und wird es niemals geben. Wer es nicht glaubt, sehe sich im Internet entsprechende Fotos an! Das für mein Empfinden schönste Foto von Chace Crawfords total süßem Bäuchlein habe ich auf folgender Internetseite gefunden:

Kann es etwas Schöneres geben als dieses süße Bäuchlein?

Ich bin ganz heiß darauf, Chace Crawfords Traumbäuchlein immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich zu streicheln, mit meinen Lippen zu liebkosen und mit tausend Küssen zu bedecken. Ach, ginge dieser Traum doch in Erfüllung! Das wünsche ich meinem geliebten Chace und auch mir selbst ganz sehr.


Christopher Chace Crawford ist absolut schön, sehr sexy, total lecker

und sooooooo süüüüüüüüüüüüß.

Einen so bezaubernd schönen Menschen gibt es kein zweites Mal auf unserer Erde. Christopher Chaces makellose Schönheit macht mich heiß wie einen Vulkan. Ich möchte diesen phantastisch schönen Adonis immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich streicheln und küssen, streicheln und küssen, streicheln und küssen, ………………………………

vor allem sein bezaubernd schönes, total süßes Bäuchlein und seine zarten, sehr knackigen und leckeren Brüstchen.


Beauty and sex appeal have a name: Christopher Chace Crawford.

Mein geliebter Chace, ich möchte Dich so gern immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich streicheln und küssen, streicheln und küssen, streicheln und küssen, ………………… vor allem Dein bezaubernd schönes, total süßes Bäuchlein und Deine zarten, sehr knackigen und leckeren Brüstchen. Aber auch Deine so wohl geformten Hüften, Dein schlanker Hals, Dein feines, ausdrucksstarkes, sehr liebreizendes Gesicht, Deine breiten, phantastisch schönen Schultern, Deine kräftigen Arme und Dein einmalig schöner Rücken steigern mein Verlangen, Dich, meinen geliebten Chace, und Deinen sagenhaft schönen Adonis-Körper mit 1000 Küssen zu bedecken und immer wieder ganz zärtlich zu streicheln. Ginge meine Sehnsucht doch in Erfüllung! Ich wäre sehr glücklich.

Chace, you are the hottest man I have seen in my life. You are very beautiful and so sweet.

Chace, I love you very much. And I wish you nothing but the best.


Auch ich finde Chace Crawfords Bäuchlein mit seinem so liebreizenden Bauchnabelchen einmalig schön, sehr sexy und total süß. Ich möchte dieses zuckersüße Bäuchlein immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich streicheln und küssen.


Auch ich finde Chace Crawfords Bäuchlein mit seinem so liebreizenden Bauchnabelchen einmalig schön, sehr erotisierend und total süß. Ich möchte dieses zuckersüße Bäuchlein immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich streicheln und küssen.


Auch ich finde Chace Crawfords Bäuchlein mit seinem so liebreizenden Bauchnabelchen einmalig schön, sehr erotisierend und total süß. Ich möchte dieses zuckersüße Bäuchlein immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich streicheln und küssen.


I have member of 22 inches long and 14 inch diameter. I can only make love only with elephant and hippopotamus because human women don't like member. :(

Mein geliebter Chace, auch ich finde Dein Bäuchlein und Deine zarten Brüstchen atemberaubend schön, ganz lecker, sehr sexy und total süß. Sie machen mich ganz heiß und entfachen in mir ein Verlangen, Dein süßes Bäuchlein und Deine ebenso süßen Brüstchen immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich zu streicheln und zu küssen. Aber wem geht es nicht so, wenn er sich in aller Ruhe Deinen bezaubernd schönen Adonis-Körper anschaut, zu dem freilich auch Dein attraktiver Pullermann gehört? Auch diesen Deinen so liebreizenden, schönen Pullermann möchte ich ganz zärtlich streicheln und küssen, bis er erigiert, sich zu seiner vollen Größe und Pracht entfaltet und Deinen Samen über meine liebkosende Hand ergießt. Das wäre für mich einfach zu schön, um wahr zu sein.

Mein Christopher Chace, ich liebe Dich von ganzem Herzen und wünsche Dir ein gelingendes Leben, viel Freude und alles Glück dieser Erde.

Deine Carola

I'm 17, I have a 9.4" dick when erected and a 6.7" when soft. I found condoms but my girlfriend is too scared that it will brake inside her, should I double lay it or get a large condom. Im large as it is, I should try get a different size, larger or I should double up just saw she doesn't get scared.

I'm 5" When Erect And 3" When Normal, I'm 14, Am I In Good Size?

How do I know the length of my penis!am so ashamed..I need ur help guyz tell me

This place is funny...we have 13 and 14 year olds bragging about 8-inch penises. Get mature guys..say something believable. Mine is 6.5 inches and 5.2 inches around. And im 18. Now thats believable.

I am a 47 year-old Gay male. 10.75 when erect. Widest girth - the corona around the head - 8.1; shaft 7.8. Limp I tend to hang 6.

Our Christopher Chace is very beautiful and sooo sweet.

Beloved Chace, you are the most beautiful, the sexiest and the sweetest young man on our earth. I love you very much.


I'm 8 inches long 6.28 girth when hard. 4 inches long 5.5 girth when flaccid. And I'm 13

Im 16 with a 7 erect and a girth of 5

ummmmmm haha why are yall on here tellin other men about your penis size its dont matter lol yall just need to learn how to use it well if any of yall are a 3 incher well then learn how to use your tounge and fingers and im sorry ya aint bigger lol

Well im 4.7 inches erect, nearly 5,

well fuck..

just fuck

your all liars.

im 7.5" bpel by 5.5" mseg and i am considered big/huge.

bottoming out a girl really turns me on weather like it or not, even better when the dont!

I have a 3.5 soft,sometimes 4, and hard I'm 5 1/2 I'm 16 and sometimes I'm proud, and sometimes I'm not...that's okay right?

Age18 , 9 in length and 7.5 circumfrance. I have trouble finding condoms

16 with 6 inches not sure about my girth but im pretty satisfied with my thickness just not the length

be a man yaar ... r u all gone mad... cheak out for a doctor not for a public website..
if u have a problem regarding to sex or ur u should get a doctor 's advice....
think about it

inspite of this girls have wiered vagina with a small depth... they don't ask to anyone....

im 16 and im 9.5 or 10 inch max

Chace Crawford ist der schönste und süßeste junge Mann aller Zeiten. Ich liebe ihn sehr.

Einen schöneren jungen Mann als Chace Crawford kann es nicht geben. Mich faszinieren vor allem das bezaubernd schöne, total süße Bäuchlein dieses jungen Mannes und seine Brüste, die sehr knackig sind und zugleich so fein und so rein wie sanft rieselnder Schnee. Aber auch sein schöner Rücken, seine breiten Schultern, seine großen, kristallklaren, blauen Augen, sein schöner Mund, sein süßes Näschen, sein schlanker Hals, seine Stirn und seine Wangen bezaubern mich immer wieder.

Geliebter Chace, dass Du so viel Sexappeal hast und so lecker bist, fasziniert mich und macht mich heiß wie einen Ofen. …

Wie kann man mit unserem Chace Kontakt aufnehmen? Für einen brauchbaren Hinweis wäre ich sehr dankbar.

Chace, you are the hottest man I have seen in my life. You are very beautiful and so cute.

Chace, I love you. I wish you all the best.


Talk is cheep post some pics to bakk it up

15. 8 1/4 inches
that is all

My penis lenth 2.75 inch erect time

my dick is 8 inches and i am 18

damn how much longer does a 10inch penis get when it has an erection???

hahaha omg this is so funny. all you guys worried sbout your size.. this made my day! fuck a real chick... not a plastic one, and she'll tell you to worry or not! pce

hey i am 25 and my size is 5 it really bad..or can i satishfy my partner??

how tha heck do u measure tha girth? cause im pretty happy already with 7.25

im 14 and im black im about 5'10 and my penis is about 7inches should i be worried that it will get alot bigger?

i have 6" long ang 6" girth is it normal size??

The average penis is 6.5 the average penis of the people on this website is 3 inches if you think your small go ask a girl to fuck and she will tell you if your small or not I mean common guys

I am 21 and I have an 8 inch penis with a circumference of 6.75... Wife LOVES it

I have like a 3 incher not hard and then when it is erect it is like 7/5.

im just turned 15 and have a 5.6", im not really worried that its not really big or anything, and most websites about penis size are done by people selling enhancers of some type and therefore hugely bias. And these enhancers rarely have anyeffect at all, so dont waste your money. If you have a real problem (hope i dont when im older) then surgery is the best option but is very risky and expensive.

ok, i am 18. About 6 1/2 inches long. and 13,5 centimeters in circumfence.
I am good?

I have read all over the internet that average 13 yr old siize is 3.5 and im 13 and mine is almost 5 inches, so i think im good.

my penise about 3 inches, and i have instant ejeculation also, my wife worried about that. what should i do? send me an aunswer pls.

i'm 6.5 long and 5 3/4 " circumference. Does this work for anyone?

i am tiny 2 inches only, italian 23 year old. huhuhuh

I'm 22 yrs with 5 inches when erected..and girth around 4 inches

check out this compilation of various studies

Also, after point was that size doesn't matter...because with sex, there are many other ways of pleasuring a lady, she has G-spots everywhere...know your woman well and she'll be the best she's ever had..

I've been with a limited number of ladies, all of them have had kids(not that it matters much as their parts all shrink back down...cept maybe their hips?
Anyway, I have an honest 61/8"(measured from the top of my peker) long and around 5.5 around(a little over 2" wide at the base when looking straight down at it)
every single one of them came back to me wanting some even told have what women want...when she was in a drunk/horny mood. So I would assume I'm larger than most guys out there..I'm also athletic and can go harder and longer than most my age(32).I'm also a gentleman, so I can be tender if she needs me to start out that way...and I'm also a Scorpio, so I could wreck her body with all sorts of passion...
Just FYI.

im 18, my cocks 5 long and 5 girth hard. i wank constantly and using my left hand gets me harder, i love the feeling of wanking with lube. it gets my nob tingling, i love the final ejaculation and cum all over my chest and rub my nipples. is anyone keen to have a group wank / cum on each other

im 16 my cocks 5 3/4 long erect by 5 1/4 girth. is that bad

I am 16 and a late bloomer but it's a lot bigger than I usually think when I see it because I am tall. But maximum it is 6 and 7/8 inches not quite 7

I'm 10" long and 8" in circumference.. I don't get any complaints.. of course I've never had anyone deep throat me!

guys i am a girl and i dont fucking care how big it is as long its not tichy (thats goes for all u 3 inches peeps mate now WAYYYY!!!!)

yearh anyway anyone single? coz im feelin a bit up 4 some action

look guys no need to worry. Me and my bezzie amy went on here randomly i dont know how we ended up on this but yeah.

Anyway, yeah i am a GIRL people and well i haff to admit that i do care about da size and all but not that much i not guna compare!! As long as u not like too short then it fine by me!!! Stop worrying if she loves you then she wont care. As long as u aint got a chode that is.

My boyfriend is 15 and he's 6 inches and i am luvin that


It's ok. I don't have a dick.

im a jamaican and im 18 and i have a 10.5 by 6.25.... in my country for some girls thats small..are they normal

im only 16(17 in 3 days) and my penis is a little bit longer then 7.5, and about 6.5 around, i fell im not done growing yet though because i still baraly have any armpit hair, will i get bigger?

Dear Bubba,

aww just want to say sweetheart i am a girl and 5.9 will be fine with me hun! ;)

I think it's cute that u are worried but really anyone that says there like 7 inches is lying.

Don't let it ruin your confidence and be proud. By your being worried u seem really nice and any girl would be lucky to have you.

Anyway, we don't only think about the size of your penis! Unlike guys we care about other things like being nice and sweet and having sexy hair and abs like taylor lautner.

Lol we know nobody looks like taylor lautner :(

But still, we want you to be good looking but the size of your penis isn't the most important long as it isn't like the guy with 3 inches...eww...sorry 3 inch guy but no.!

Anyway, 5.9 is actually quite big. I am offended! My boyfriend is 6 inches are you saying he's too small?

But yeah don't worry babeey you'll be fine. Anyone that says there huge is lying anyways...sadly...:(

but yeah. I wonder if there's a boob website? That wud be so funny i'd be like hahahahaha Katie Price i'm like nearly caught up with u and mine are real so take that biatch!!!

I know i'm wierd i'm just a crazy teenager OK!


Sorry for invading your personal space boys but this is just too funny i am so sending this link to my best friend!

Oh and yes 3 inches is really bad. But why do you people measure them anyway? I mean, we measure our boobs but we have to know what size bra to get!

If any of u really is 7 inches i'll c u 2nite babe! ;)

Nawww i am already in luv! <3

ok seriously not poking fun or nothin but LOLLLLLL!

sorry, i get that you guys are being open and stuff but still! I am a girl and you don't see me talking about my bra size on some page!!!

I think it's cute ;)

does anyone actually have a 7 inch dick? If u do i'm totally on board babe!

Jokes i have a boyfriend.

Just so you know i found this page not by being a wierdo, but by searching for Taylor Lautner's dick size...

still makes me a wierdo. It was my brothers idea!

im 15 very late bloomer
nd about 3.7"
is this bad?

Im 12 and im 5.0 is the bad............

the chart says only 5% of men are 7 inches or bigger yet half of you say you are, seriously lying in a penis chart forum, its not going to make your penis bigger

Hey im 18 and i have a 6.9 long penis and about a 4 1/4-5 inch girth please feedback

i am 16 and my penis is 7.5 inches i love it and jerk it every day

i have small penis .ther is any chance increase it .
i m 21 now

i am 12 what is this

Hey guys. Look, I've been with guys and girls and no one has ever complained about my penis size (and we know gays are size queens). I am 5 1/4 X 5. I am very good at the "whole package" of making out and sex. In fact, when I'm with guys I prefer an average size penis and can't stand large ones. I must admit though if your with a girl thats a ho (been with lots of dicks) she's probably gonna want a bigger one casue she's been streched. Peace.

my size of penice is good enough but it is not open as it is off others. means when penice is in normal stage it is totally close from front.. and when i am in excitement it is open but not as good as others... so can i have sex properly..or i should consult a doctor

I am 8" long and 6" circumference. Is this big or average?

I've got a 1.5 inch penis with a circumference of 10.5 inches... Is this normal? My penis has swelled up to the size of a watermelon after I let my dog lick it... Plz help.

I can make yo bedrock

I'm 6 1/2 long & 4 3/4 girth. I hate my girth it's too skinny. Chicks want a fat dick not a skinny one. When a girls says that guy had a nice big dick she's talking about how girthy it was. The girth rubs on all the right spots and works her g spot. You only need 4-5 inches to hit the g spot. Most guys are 6 long 5 around so we all mostLy have the length covered! If your 5.5 in girth your considered large and that's the size that will be more enjoyable for the girl, however you still need to know how to use it! If your too small I've read that you can apply testicular cream to your dick every night in your first stadges of penis growth. It will grow fast and larger then your body may intend it to. This only works from about 13-18yr of age. You can buy it online so do some research. Just don't fuck a chick with it still on you dick! The cream can give hem vaginal issues!

Just so you guys who are bragging and/or non confident know, most girls really don't care all that much. Sure, big is nice, but so is smaller. Actually, more than 6 inches just sounds painful to me.

Don't worry, if the girl really likes you, it doesn't matter, alot of what pleasures a girl isn't even from you're penis (it's called hands and mouth people)

im 16. mines is like 7.5-8 inch by like 6 or sum shit. is that big or small?

am 18 and am 7inch long and 4.5 inch wide am i thick eougth

Okay, Im 14 and I'm 8.5 length and 6.5 circumference hows that

yo poor people should try male enhancement device if you want longer schlong.

i've been using one since june and my gf just keeps wondering :D

oh by the way if you guys didnt know the proper way to measure is from the base(part closest to bellybutton where penis begins to extend out from abdomen) to the very tip. I think summa these youngins are gettin innacurate measurements 14yr olds with 8 inch dicks gimme a break

I find it odd all these people sayin they re like 7 1/2in by 5-6in yet they re on a website with the concern of penis size. Yeah... I doubt it. But im 17 mine is about 6.6-6.8 inches in length and bout 4.7 in circumference. Im somewhat concerned about the circumference. However, according to the chart my length is a little above average. I still wouldnt mind packin around an 8 incher but ohh well maybe ill get to 7.

im 15 and im 8.2 inches and 6.0 circumference.

im 5 inches.. is this normal and can it satisfy..

So I have a 6 1/2" L x 5 1/8th" G and im having lot's of mental suffering. I think that girth is more important than length. When im in the middle of sex I feel that im not man enough and it's killing me. Is there now way to improve girth just a little?

Well mine is 7.5 inches and I'm 15 :)

Well. I am 16. And the circumfrence is 4.5, length is 5.5


I am asian, my erect penis size is 6.5 inches and 7 inches max. I am still not happy, I want to get a 10 inches penis and with 4.2 inches girth!

im 16 and im 8.2 inches in length and 6.3 inches in girth

i'm only 3. i know it's way short for an adult. what can i do?

listen up guys i just turned 25yrs old & all the way threw highschool i worried bout this shit and even from time to time after i used to try to find pills, excercises whatever bout getn a bigger dick but as i matured and educated myself on the matter size dont mean shit! its easy to get caught up in that non-sense but focus ur attention to pleasuring a women not ur dick. unless u fork out cash for surgery which i highly disregard cause you can make things even worse by doing it. just deal with your size and move on. ive read a ton of studys about this and the average size of all racies is 5" to 6" im 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 & im not bragging when i say ive been with a lot of chicks & never had a complaint. Even in highschool. 4play is very important get good at that & learn how to use what you have and ull b fine. if it helps some of you ive talkd to quite a few chicks bout prefrence and everyone of them said dont matter as long as they can use it. and ive had a few girls tell me i had the perfect dick and they were one night stands and after we fuckd so they ddnt have any reason to lie but if they did who cares made my day lol hope this helps some of you cause this shit used to ruin my confidence when it came to meeting chicks so dont compare your self to porn and dont let ur friends lead you to believe they all have monster cocks truth is they probably arent any bigger i had a couple friends that were blessed and one of them i had a 3way with with this chick and lets just say the moaning and occasional fuck ya. ddnt stop when i was up to bat and hes like over 7" so know how to use it and have the 4play skills and ull satisfy any chick that cums your way!

Yo, right I'm 7.5" erect, 5.25" flaccid, at 14 years of age, soon 15. Although some of you think this may be bullshit, I know I'm 'fairly' bigger than average size, but I'm still not confident. I'm not worried about the size any more, I do believe I'm fully grown now, since I'm already 6.1 ft. tall, size 11 feet etc. My problem is, does it look right? Are my balls to big/small, is my 'head' to big/small, does my foreskin look right, does it curve to one side. Thats my problem. Email me/instant message me at '' and let me know what you think. I'm up for sending pictures, anything to make me feel more confident. Thanks

i have a 6 1/2 by 4 3/4 and my girlfriend said it to short

Im 13 and 4.5 inches i think i am small will i grow

Im 15 about 6.7" by 5" i am sure im doin alright maybe let my boyfriend decide?

No one should worrythe average vagina is only 6 inches deep

alright, im 15, about 6" by 5 1/4". pretty sure im doing good, but ill let my g/f decide tonight..

Dude, I'm about 5 1/4. On a good day. I'm sure you're fine. Funny how this stuff messes with you though isn't it?

lols ur all sweet my problem is when i get it up its 6 x 6 but i get so munted when iam out by the time i pick up a chick my cock is dead and i cannot get it up learn from my mistakes lols and u lil cunts claiming to hav fukin 7 and 8 inch dicks at 14 are talkin shit one of u probly do but the rest r talkin shit

I know it's nice and all, but wouldn't you say someone with 8" who knows how to use it is better that someone with half the size who "knows how to use it"?
It's a real downer.
Some people just don't know what they've got.

PS I think the 14 year old claiming to have 7.3" is spewing nonsense.
The method used to measure, and bias, can greatly change the supposed size.
So to some people out there: don't always feel intimidated by others claims.

I think I belong in the 4/4.5 inch category. I am perfectly happy with it. I have learnt how to use it over time!

guys im 7 1/2 . by 6.

girls dont all go for size , its about what you can do with it , do dont worry lol , just know ur stuff

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