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Matthew McConaughey and His Foot Long

Matthew McConaughey

He might be eating an apple, but it looks like Matthew McConaughey might be saving the footlong for later.  Anybody got the buns?

---> via Dreamcaps


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Xander. Lol.

owww, you don't know matthew.
when i go to bed i go with the though of you making love to me oww. as crazy as it can be! ow you deep down in my soul. me feeling your body close to mine,ohw matthew you drive me wild baby.
it's you, you turn me on. you make me cum like the pouring rain each time i close my eyes and call your name, oww im my mind you are doing sweet things to me. don't stop what you're doing because it's you. and if only you knew how mutch i do love you.

I am a gay male and thatvhas to be the hottest man alive. And his foot long?? God damn I'm so hot for him I want his penis inside of me now!! Iove watching him run seeing that monster flopping about

Considering most men when in a flaccid state do not flop around like that, I'd say Matthew is very large when fully erect.

Kate has probably never seen a penis, at least, not one that wasn't sold in a vacuum sealed package and ran by batteries.

Kate is a dumbass

Looks small to me (4inches?)

He can stick his wiener in my buns any time!

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