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Pref Mag No. 21: Gabriel Goldberg & Randy Blue

Pref Mag 21

Pref Mag 21The special 'sex' issue of Preg Mag is now available for your reading and viewing pleasure.  Perfect for the summer, No. 21 heats things up with photo editorials and articles centered on some of today's hottest porn stars including François Sagat and Johnny Hazzard.  Also featured is a Randy Blue portfolio shot by Gabriel Goldberg, shown here.  And Arno, shot by Marco Carocari, graces the cover and pages inside.  To see more of Arno, click here (courtesy of One Stop Cool).  There's a lot more inside the new issue of Pref, so get a copy...if you can.

Pref Mag 21Pref Mag21

--->  PREF Mag No. 20: May - June @ Homorific
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Dear Sir
I am Blue.I wrote to you ,before.
I need help,Please
I want to meet with CHRIS ROCKWAY.
This is alone mean in mylife.
You can help to me,I know,Please!!!!
Haw do I contact with CHRIS ROCKWAY directly.
just friendship and once to look his eyes,to hear his voice.Please,for my life for my heart
You can believe to me,He saved my life by his a photo
I hope for living,naw.Thank you very much,CHRIS
I want to see to you
help to me,Please
Best wishes.. Blue..
I have all hopies,a minute with You.
Your eyes pass on my eyes at a minute,my honey.
As if, longing the end,at a minute with You.
As if ,I fly in sky,a minute with You.
A Day passed again,a minute with You.
Is will coming new day again,a minute with You.
You can have got my life,at a minute with You.
As if, The time stop, a minute with You.
I was surrender,yield to You,when,Your eyes looks to my eyes.
At a minute with YOU…………………


Enjoy – if you would like an interview with the agent photog of these boys let me know!


I have an attachment of one who has been in Playgirl twice... and if you would like to see it then email me and I will attach a hot pic for your readers... eye eye eye candy!


I meet Randy Blue once and we got along better than I thought. I live in Norman, OK. Randy said he would never forget me. would someone relay this to him. I never forgot him. I was married at the time and was dating a loser. Tell him I live at 814 Dakota and would love to date him. i need for him to do something for me as far as a removal of things. Take that to mean whatever. We meet at the Fine Arts Video on Irving Blvd in Dallas. He told me if I ever was single to look him up. I'm looking him up. Not interested in the money, just him. Want to go on a date?
Not married, single and looking for you. I am not a stalker as I have been stalked before. How do you contact him directly. Anyone know how to???
I mean him no harm and my email is G.MONCKTON@HOTMAIL.COM.


George Monckton

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