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iPHONE Problems: AT&T Rep Spills the Beans on Dropped Calls

Iphone_1 If you were hoping to pick up the new iPhone from AT&T on the 29th, keep hoping. According to an inside source who just got off the phone with an AT&T store rep, AT&T might not be carrying the iPhone on its release day. “Steve Jobs has dropped the ball on this... Right now the iPhone has A LOT of problems dropping calls. So AT&T won't be carrying it from their stores until these problems are fixed." Apparently, Steve Jobs is threatening to back out of the deal, with AT&T threatening the same unless the problems are resolved.

So, If you’re looking to pick up this summer’s #1 homorific-accessory, you might have to do it directly from Apple stores.



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so far, I had every call over 3 minutes Dropped! I even tried to create a ringtone using iTunes, and could not get the ringtone to load. Shit, I can't even upgrade to 1.1 because iTunes says that I am unable to restore. Shit, I am not trying to restore, I am trying to F***ing UPGRADE! I really like the design, and other features of this phone, but as a PHONE... It SUCKS! I didn't pay $600... only $399, but you would expect a phone to work as a phone, like the RAZR I replaced! This P.O.S. is a neat gadget that performs like SHIT! Good thing AT&T has a 30 day return policy on this beautiful P.O.S. don't buy this P.O.S. until Rotten Apple and AT&T gets it right!

lol...not quite a "Fail" Sean. As I was just posting news from an AT&T employee, I was careful to pen my posting with the word "might". I never said it was a done deal. :) Luckily it wasn't.


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