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Hot House Men

Hot House

...was sifting through some more SF Pride 2007 shots from this last weekend and came across these pics of the stunning men of Hot House.  We were lucky enough to get a pic of C.J. Knight (below, blowing kisses), with the sun hitting him just so.  To see what I mean, click here.

Hot House

All in all, we noticed less 'man candy' in this year's parade, but Hot House served us well.

---> San Francisco Pride (Part 3: Gavin Newsom)
---> San Francisco Pride 2007 (Part 2)
---> San Francisco Gay Pride 2007
---> Images © 20007 ELAREE



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Comments i can contact with this three guys?spetialy with the therd one(the single man pic)?do you have his address?his email?help me please.i live in asia.thank you so much.

I am a boy i want to have a relationship with any gay man.Thank you

So refreshing to see a man without tattoos.

he is hot

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