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Naked Ballet: The Modesty of Icebergs

How is an iceberg modest?  Let these naked dancers show you the way.  (Oh, and the object need to look past the nudity and focus on the movements.)

NSFW pics, here.  Video, here.


Source: Dreamcaps



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No another comment

It is very good.

I like naked ballet men. They have fantastic bodies. I like what the male ballet dancer expression does. I like them enjoying each other dancing. Are they all the same dances?

Porn is in the eye of the beholder. (And it's not an all male cast.)

Speaking as a dancer, I can totally understand using nudity as a statement. Sex is often used as a large part of dance. But this.... An all male cast of entirely nude dancers doing male on male partnering? Let me guess, the choreographer was a gay male, or a really kinky chick. This is just porn. We've all thought bout doing it, but most of us resist the urge...

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