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"Harry": The Evolution from Sean Cody to NEXT Models

Scottandreasen3 Scottandreasen4

I get a ton of site referrals from people searching the net for "Harry + Sean Cody", so I thought I'd post a little something more about "Harry".  Just as I mentioned in my previous posting, I first came across "Harry" at (Movies > Pg. 7)- where "Harry" performed not only once, but twice...all with a smile on his face.  Mention was made that "Harry" would soon be seen in some upcoming clothing catalogs, etc., and not long after, I spotted him over at N2N Bodywear - looking just as hot as ever.


Then today, I discovered that our Homorific "Harry" is actually Scott Andreasen, and is now modeling for NEXT Model Management in Miami.  I'm not sure which came first, N2N or Next, but it certainly looks like Scott is coming up in the world (not that he was "down" at all at Sean Cody).  And though I may have discovered his real name (if it even is), he'll always be "Harry" to me.


--> See Harry in action at (Must be of legal age in your country)
--> N2N Bodywear
--> Next Model Management (Scott Andreasen)
--> Original Source: DreamCaps
--> Harry: From Sean Cody to N2N


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I believe this Harry is the same guy on The very first guy.

Some of his photos for SeanCody - naked:

Thanks for the info - I had an N2N Model fansite and was wondering who they all were. Cheers from Montreal!

Harry /Dave Harry
also is on as alwayshardsean
was in Des Moines IA
so if you're saying he's not gay, then he's bi.
and he does cam too

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je trouve Scott Andreasen superbe garcon il a un tres beau corps et en plus il est a croquez je l'adore ce scott il est magnifique jimenez passé des million de nuit avec lui

Ok, maybe he's not gay, but his ass is broken ;-)

Ok, maybe he's not gay, but his ass is broken ;-)

I don't think anyone has ever said he WAS gay... not in the post, nor in the comments. BUT... he knows very well how to make the money - by appearing on predominantly gay sites, whether it be porn or underwear. And that's okay. So you have nothing to be "SORRY" about. :)

Scott/ Harry is NOT Gay. He is happily engaged. Sorry!

Hi Scott,
I just posted a nice message about you on I have many things to say and ask that has to do with Sean Cody and your modeling career.
Keep up the good work and my best wish of luck to you! Best Regards, Mario Romano

Harry-Scott, out hottie model has been on Manhunt in Miami off and on.

Harry-Scott, out hottie model has been on Manhunt in Miami off and on.

dude this is my step brother...he is not gay and that is his real name...freaks

Harry is a real hottie! Would love to see more about him. Do you know of any sites that allow you to get e-mailed updates from Sean Cody? I saw, but it only has RSS.

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