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Harry: From Sean Cody to N2N

I first came across Harry at Sean Cody (pg. 4 of preview) several months ago and read that he'd been working with some famous photographers, and to not be surprised to see him in some upcoming clothing catalogs.  Then, low and behold, I was checking out the N2N Bodywear site today and saw him there.  According to Sean Cody, "This guy is stunning in person and he's super nice as well. He had a smile on his face the whole time he was here. He's straight and has a two-year-old son who apparently is the spitting image of him."  Not only is Harry HOT, he's also got some endearing qualities.  To see more of Harry, click here.

Be sure to visit N2N Bodywear for more adlicious pics of Harry. Or, see him in action at Sean Cody.


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I love to see guys like you in those hot underware

i don't know what to write here but one thing is certain..this guy up there he really hot...

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